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Oil Rig Injury Lawyer | Have you or a loved one recently been injured in an Oil Rig Explosion or Oil Rig Accident in Louisiana? Getting injured on a platform or any industrial setting offshore usually results in serious injury, catastrophic injury, or even death. The severity of the injuries typically caused by Oil Rig Explosions or Oil Rig Accidents can put you out of work for weeks, months, years, and even indefinitely. Depending on the severity of your injury, it can be life changing for both you and your family. Once you start missing paychecks, paying for medical expenses, receiving medical bills in the mail, dealing with your trauma, addressing your family’s trauma, and getting overwhelmed by insurance companies, even your day to day living expenses can start to seem impossible.


Every worker in New Orleans, and the United States for that matter, has the right to work in a safe environment. This means that an employer has made it as safe as possible for the conditions in which the work is performed. Here in Louisiana, workers are employed in many different industries; many work in chemical plants, refineries, agricultural facilities, industrial plants, ship yards, sea ports, onshore gas drilling operations, offshore oil rigs, offshore gas rigs, and countless other heavy industrial settings. Work at these locations is hazardous by nature, and injuries often occur in hazardous environments.


An Oil Rig Accident or Oil Rig Explosion is extremely serious, and you should hire a serious Oil Rig Injury Lawyer in Louisiana; you need a law firm that will fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve. Daniel Carr and every Oil Rig Injury Lawyer and Offshore Injury Lawyer at Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane are aggressive and skilled to fight the largest and most powerful corporations. Contact Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane today for a FREE Consultation by filling out a contact form or by calling 504-523-2434. Remember, We Handle Cases that Change Lives.


Injuries suffered on Oil Rigs or Offshore Drilling Platforms are extremely serious and often include serious injuries: burns, broken bones, head trauma, spine trauma, loss of limbs, or even death. The injuries are typically so severe because of the heavy equipment, harmful chemicals, toxic chemicals, flammable properties of the chemicals, and the fact that these injuries happen offshore where help can be far away.


It is stressful and overwhelming to try to understand all of the laws, rights and remedies associated with injuries experienced on an Oil Rig or Offshore Drilling Platform. The experienced Offshore Injury attorneys atPeiffer Wolf Carr & Kane can help remove that burden.  If you’ve been injured, you will likely need the help of our aggressive, experienced and successful Louisiana Oil Rig Injury Attorneys & Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyers.


Offshore Drilling Rig Injuries | Oil Rig Injury Lawyer


Oil Rig work and Offshore Drilling Platform jobs are extremely dangerous.  We understand that if you’re hurt in one of these demanding jobs that your livlihood and ability to provide for your family may be put in danger. Also, we know that many Oil Rig Accidents and Offshore Drilling Platform Accidents are preventable and your injuries may have been due to unsafe working conditions, defective equipment, and lack of adequate upkeep. With all of the complexities and dangers that are prevelant in Offshore Rigs or Platforms, injuries can be due to a number of various issues.


Some Causes of Oil Rig Accidents & Offshore Drilling Platform Injuries:

  • Defective Drilling Rigs
  • Defective Wellheads & Other Defective Machinary
  • Improperly Designed Safety Features
  • Improperly Installed or Implemented Safety Features
  • Hazardous Chemical Leaks & Gas Leaks
  • Incidents of Structural Damage
  • Hazardous & Severe Weather Conditions


Oil Rig Accidents and Offshore Drilling Platform Injuries are typically different from other work injuries, due to the laws concerning injuries that occur offshore.  In fact, there is an entire special category of injury laws concerning offshore work injuries. The Jones Act is a law concerning compensation available to injured “seamen.” According to The Jones Act, a “seaman” is anyone who works on a boat or other vessel in the Ocean or Inter-coastal Waterways – an Oil Rig Worker and Offshore Drilling Platform Worker fits into this category.


Seaman’s Rights Under The Jones Act | Maintenance & Cure


Unlike traditional workers’ compensation claims, Jones Act occupations require proof that a workers’ injuries occurred as a result of the employer’s negligence. Employers in Jones Act cases can be found negligent if they fail to provide a safe working environment or if the oil rig or offshore drilling platform is deemed “unseaworthy.” According to the Jones Act, “unseaworthy” is defined as unsafe or otherwise unsuited for the work required.


If you or a loved one has been injured on an Oil Rig or Offshore Drilling Platform, you need the hep of a Oil Rig Injury Lawyer that has experience in both general injury cases, as well as other maritime-specific regulations.  Daniel Carr and every Oil Rig Injury Lawyer at Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane are here for you and your family. We will review your case, determine the cause of your injury, determine which laws apply to your injury case, and fight for the maximum compensation and damages that you deserve. When it comes to Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane’s history, our results speak for themselves.


Louisiana Jones Act Claims | Common Injuries | Oil Rig Injury Lawyer



Some Common Injuries Include:

  • Back Injuries & Neck Injuries
  • Amputations & Loss of Limb
  • Cuts, Abrasions & Broken Bones
  • Serious Burns & Disfigurement
  • Head Injuries & Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Serious Brain Injuries
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Even Death


Oil Rig Injury & Offshore Drilling Injury Compensation


Any type of injury that forces you off the job can result in lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and various other bills that add an additional level of strain to the suffering you are already experiencing form your injury.  Some common types of compensation provided by The Jones Act include:

  • Lost Wages or Loss of Wages
  • Maintenance & Cure
  • Loss of Future Earnings or Earning Potential
  • Possible Vocational Retraining
  • Physical Pain & Suffering
  • Burns & Disfigurement
  • Current & Future Medical Bills
  • Hospitalization
  • Long Term Rehabilitation
  • In-Home Care or Outpatient Care
  • Emotional Health Complications
  • Current Medications & Future Prescription Costs
  • Emotional Counseling & Financial Counseling

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At Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane, we understand the physical and emotional pain that an Oil Rig Injury or Offshore Drilling Accident can have on you and your family. Having years of experience in representing people injured or that lost loved ones gives us the leverage and skills to fight for the compensation that you deserve. We remain committed to focusing on you and your case. We Take Your Injury Personally.


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